Adipurush’s Writing Was Immature!

The film encountered a wave of criticism shortly after hitting the big screens. Audiences, both domestic and international, raised concerns regarding various aspects of the film. Visual effects (VFX), dialogues, and character portrayals faced significant scrutiny for their execution and representation. These issues, among others, have spurred conversations about the quality and intent of the cinematic endeavor.

One prominent source of backlash came from actor Zeishan Qadri, who is known for his involvement in projects like Gangs Of Wasseypur. In a candid interview, Qadri expressed his disappointment with the film, particularly targeting the dialogues crafted by renowned writer Manoj Muntashir. Qadri did not mince words, labeling the writing as “immature.” According to him, this immaturity resonated with global audiences, leading to their dissatisfaction.

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